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Big decision today Good decision Feeling warm thinking of it Scary too How will I do Friends Love Support Writing Three months Writing Just writing But what about money Shush Just writing Then we'll see Je le savais. Ca fait des mois, non, des années...

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Life is an online radio station Only we forget That we should only ask for more Of what we love Not what scares us Or makes us sad Or anxious, or worried or mad Life is an online radio station But we forget To listen Either it's blaring too loud to hear...

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Dammit, she thought. I am back there again. Half depressed, half angry, with a hint of irritation and a generous serving of sadness. She took her plate, and brought it to the sink. She compulsively started to do the dishes. She hated when any dishes were...

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Quick / Vite

Quick What can I write Quickly What can I do Quickly Does it even make sense To do anything If it has to be quick? Should I not just give up? I can't I promised I didn't promise it would be good I promised I'd do it Vite vite Il me presse Au suivant Comme...

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The slow rocking of the train is bringing my thoughts to a sweet place where they start to drift away. Into dreams, into nothingness. I like the train. I like being on my own on the train, from one place to another. Nothing to do but enjoy being transported...

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Lost / Perdue

Je regarde à droite, je regarde à gauche. Je me tourne, et regarde derrière moi. Ou est-ce devant? Je ne sais plus d'où je viens, je ne sais pas où je vais. Le paysage est le même de quelque côté que je me tourne. Si seulement le vent était moins froid,...

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