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An all English one today...

"Don't tell me you're leaving"
He didn't answer.
Her comment was rhethorical. Of course he was leaving.
She knew it, and had known it for quite a while. She just couldn't accept it.
But that was her problem, he decided.
He HAD to leave and that was it.
She came to him almost violently and squeezed him into a tight embrace, as if she was never going to accept what was happening.
"Let go, woman. Let go", he ordered.
She took a step back all of a sudden and looked down like a little girl who would have been caught making a mistake. She was waiting for a punishment.
He couldn't bother with this anymore. Was she never going to grow up?
He went back to the car, carrying another two suitcases and placing them carefully on the back seat. The boot was already full.
He couldn't wait to be gone and driving. He hated goodbyes, and this one looked like a particularly painful one to him.
There she came back.
"Will you call me when you get there? Just to let me know you are safe."
There was an apologetic tone to her voice. As if she was asking for forgiveness for wanting to keep a link with him.
"No", he said.
For the first time that day, he looked at her in the eyes.
"I think it's better to have a clean cut"
She looked down again. She knew he didn't want to keep in touch. But she wasn't ready to let him go. Not totally. Not yet.
"I care about you, you know", she said softly.
"I know", he said equally softly. "I just don't see the point. We both need to move on."
She stayed silent for a few seconds, then replied.
"I know. Do we have to do it now already? Does the break absolutely have to be so hard and sudden? Do we really have to go cold turkey?"
"Yes", he said.
He got into the car, closed the door and, without looking back, drove away.

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Gene 14/02/2010 20:45

painfull story!!! and I read it on St valentin... Men often leave without talking! realist! see you soon!

miss link 15/02/2010 18:48

Thanks Gene! I had written that as a writing practice actually. It's nothing I ever experienced, but I felt something strong poured out of me there...