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I took a two day break to prepare and deliver my law of attraction workshop yesterday.
I am back with a longer practice today: Write a story we all know from the perspective of one of the secondary characters.
To write in English, I chose little red riding hood, written from the perspective of the wolf.

It was a delightful morning. Sunny, but not too hot. I hate hot days, it feels like I am going to roast alive inside my fur. There was a pleasant breeze that was refreshing me. I had eaten two sheep the previous day, so didn't feel two hungry, although I knew I was going to have to go hunting soon enough.
I was just resting under a tree, picking my teeth with a sharp sheep bone. There I heard some music. Some singing, to be precise. A fresh young voice was singing close to me. I could hear skipping steps, so I jumped up, and looked around to see where the sounds was coming from. Sure enough, it wasn't hard to find her. A little red thing with blond braids coming out from her hood. She looked young, and so naive...
I laughed innerly at my luck. Here was my next meal! She clearly had no idea of the kind of beasts and animals one can meet in the forest, and had no clue that it's always better to stay very quiet. But I decided to have a little fun with it. Of course, I could just jump on her and eat her in one gulp. But where would the challenge be?
No, no. I decided to play it with a bit more risk. So I half danced, half skipped to meet her, and said hello in the sweetest  voice I could summon. Ha! And she answered! She looked completely ignorant of the fact that a wolf is dangerous and that she should really have run away as fast as she could. No, she just said hello, and tilted her head to look at me with curiosity.
From there it wasn't hard to ask her where she was going, and to tell her that we could play a game, and see who would get there first! She ran away to her grandmother's house, while I took all the shortcuts I knew to get there first.
I knocked on the door, the grandma asked who was there. But she was expecting her granddaughter, so I just had to make a very poor imitation of the child's voice and she let me in! Then I just had to eat her and wait for the child in her bed. The grandma was a bit tough, and I could feel a bit of heartburn coming. But the perspective of eating the child would have helped me to put up with any digestive trouble at all.
Soon I heard knocking. I asked in the grandma's voice who was there, the child answered and I let her in. I played the grandma's role for just as long as I needed to get her to relax, and then swallowed her whole.
But then both the child and the grandma started screaming in my belly. I cursed the fact that I had never learned to chew properly, and tried to walk away to rest and digest under a tree.
So I wasn't too proud when I ran into three hunters who had been following my track for ages. I was two heavy, with two people in my stomach, to run away, so they caught me easily, and proceeded to open my stomach up to free the two women! I couldn't believe it. There was nothing I could do, so I waited patiently, and started to bargain with them. Would they sew me up and let me go if I promised never to eat any human again? No they said, I would have to promise not to eat any domestic animal, cattle or sheep as well and then they would sew me up and let me go. The cut in my belly was really painful, so I agreed. And they let me go.
Now I only eat rabbits and squirrels. It's a bit boring, but at least I am alive.

Donc, l'exercice est de raconter une histoire connue, mais du point de vue d'un personnage secondaire.
En français je choisis de raconter l'histoire de David et Goliath, mais du point de vue de Goliath.
Goliath étant, de mon point de vue, un géant pas très intelligent.

Grmf. Pas une bonne journée aujourd'hui.
Y a ce petit homme qui nous nargue depuis des jours. Ca m'énerve. Phicol m'a dit qu'on attendait encore un peu et qu'après je pourrai lui donner une bonne leçon. J'aime bien ça. Il m'a même dit que je pourrais jouer avec lui et le tuer si j'avais envie. Ca me plaît bien. Bien sûr que j'en ai envie.
Bon et donc ce matin on m'a dit: C'est aujourd'hui. Il nous a assez nargué, aujourd'hui on aura la victoire sur ce nabot et son peuple de gros nuls. Il l'a pas dit comme ça mais c'est bien ce que ça  voulait dire. Enfin. C'est ce que j'ai compris. Mais bon je comprends pas toujours tout bien alors hein...
Alors j'ai pris un bon petit déjeuner. Trois moutons, Deux vaches et un jars pour l'agressivité. Miam c'était bon. Bien saignant comme j'aime.
J'ai bu trois litres de vin pour aider à descendre tout ça. J'aime bien le vin.
Et je suis sorti. Hihihi j'aime bien la tête des gens quand je sors de la tente. Je me déplie en entier, et ils partent en courant comme s'ils avaient super peur de moi. Enfin en même temps, si je leur marchait dessus par mégarde, il en resterait pas grand chose. Bon.
Maintenant je marche vers le champ où le petit homme se trouve. Un berger on m'a dit. Il a même pas d'arme. Pfff. Ca va pas me prendre longtemps, et je vais pouvoir aller faire ma sieste. Mais qu'est-ce qu'il fait?
Non seulement il a pas peur, mais en plus il fait faire tournoyer un truc au dessus de sa tête! OUILLE! Quelque chose m'est arrivé dans le front.
Aaaaaahhh je toooommmbeeeeee je.. ARGH. CRAC.

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Gene 27/01/2010 11:49

I like English language as you do; I speak or write it as often as possible; and I hope you'll go on writing as you do!here is my blog: see you soon! XXX Gene

Gene 26/01/2010 13:44

Hi!thanks for this story! I really imagine the wolf! it's a good idea revisiting childhood's stories! see you soon!

miss link 26/01/2010 23:15

Hi Gene!
Thanks for following me! I am delighted you liked it!! It was a lot of fun to write, I have to admit...
Do you have a blog I could follow??