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Today I woke up with a headache. Throbbing pain, sore eyes, light is too bright to take. Same as yesterday and the day before. I hate having to pop pills before breakfast already. Yet I hate headaches even more.
So I took some paracetamol and got up. Yes I have parecetamol on my bedside locker. And yes I'd rather have condoms there, but hey. I am a year old single man with more headaches than one night stands. So I got up and went into the bathroom, shuffling my feet in their dark blue slippers. I grabbed my toothbrush, and applied toothpaste onto it. As the fresh minty taste hit my tastebuds, I wondered how I was going to survive another day of migraine staring at the computer. I didn't have much of a choice though. End of quarter. Always crazy at work, no time to take sick days.
So I got dressed quickly, avoiding the glare from the window. I prepared some strong hot tea, and hoped the bitterness would help. It didn't. It only added nausea to the equation.
Too bad, it was time to leave if I wanted to be on time. So I rushed to the underground, and luckily got to work right on time. As I got in, I was stopped in the elevator by my manager's manager. Hey, he said, I need to see you, got 5 minutes?
Of course, I said, and my stomach tightened. What had I done? Was I going to get fired? Had I made a mistake?
I followed him to his office. He shut the door, and told me my manager had been murdered last night. He asked me, did I want a promotion.

Saleté de migraine. Ca fait toute une semaine que je n'en sors pas. Mn coeur bat dans mes tempes, je n'arrive pas à garder les yeux ouverts en plein jour, et je me ballade donc en lunettes de soleil même si le temps ne s'y prête pas vraiment. Tout m'agresse. Les sons, les lumières, les gens, le mouvement, les odeurs.
Les jours comme ça, j'ai envie de rester au lit, et si je ne peux pas, j'ai envie de commettre des meurtres en série. Tout m'énerve. Je regarderais bien Dexter si ça ne m'explosait pas la tête encore plus de regarder un écran.
Et rien à faire, aucun médicament n'aide. Paracétamol, aspirine, ibuprofène, spasfon, et les médicaments spécial migraine qui coûtent super cher ne font que me donner la nausée en plus.
J'ai toujours eu des migraines. Peut-être pas depuis que je suis né, mais depuis l'adolescence en tout cas. Et ça a l'air d'empirer avec l'âge. J'en suis à me demander si une lobotomie ne serait pas la solution...

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