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I don't want to write today.
It pisses me off. I am tired, getting grumpier by the minute and just want to have a shower and go to bed.
But I committed to writing every day. As much as possible.
It feels like my whole body is conspiring to force me to write and to prevent me from writing at the same time. I can't write, and I can't not write either. It feels like a lose-lose situation.
No matter what I choose, I lose. I feel too irritated to really concentrate and write anything worthwhile.
Yet I also feel too irritated to manage to calm down and do anything else but write. And forget about trying to talk to someone. I would probably be biting their head off.
So here I am. Writing. My movements are fast and nervous, and the sound of my fingers on the keyboard is a bit louder than usual. I don't even know what to write about.
No story is coming together in my head. There is nothing I really need to say. I just need to continue typing for a while, until I calm down enough to sleep or read or do something quieter.
As I type, I feel anger come up and down in my belly, and sadness tighten my chest. There is no reason, no story, just pure emotion. And it's not easier that way. It's raw. It's real. Almost violent. And so tiring.

Pas un bon soir pour écrire ce soir. Je suis énervée. De mauvaise humeur. Fatiguée. Epuisée même.
Pas assez d'énergie pour vraiment écrire quelquechose de bien, et trop d'énergie pour pouvoir me poser et me reposer. Les émotions passent à travers moi, m'envahissent puis me laissent molle comme une poupée de chiffon.
La colère, la tristesse, l'amertume, la nausée même, tout ça passe comme un jeu de couleurs, comme des lumières dans une boite de nuit, éclairant tout furtivement mais pas assez pour y voir clair.
Je tape. Je tape. Je tape encore. Rien à dire, tout à sentir. C'est dur, c'est douloureux, c'est fluide en même temps quand même. C'est plein d'énergie finalement.
Finalement écrire c'est pas si mal quand je suis dans cet état. Ca me fatigue. Et la fatigue vient comme un apaisement.

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