Ghost / Fantôme

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It's raining. It's dark already. Days are getting longer, but tonight the sky is so overcast it looks like the middle of the night already.
I get out. Walking on the streets is a strange experience. Nobody is out, even though it is not that late.
I walk. Walking does me good. It clears my head. The paved streets are glistening with the water, and the street lights throw a sort of spooky halo on the walls. As I cross one of the oldest streets of the city, I am suddenly amazed to see a lot of people walking, ignoring the rain. The strangest thing is that they look like they are going to some costume party. Most of them look like they have clothes from previous centuries. And the colors are strange around them. As if they were in sepia.
That's when I realize. They are ghosts. A first gasp, my stomach tightens. What can they do to me? And before I can find out, II wake up.

Un jour un fantôme
M'effleura le bras
Je sentis comme un souffle
Un courant d'air
Dans un endroit clos
Je me retournai
Pour voir ce que c'était
Bonjour me dit-il
Je suis un fantôme
Je restai interdite
Devant tant de politesse

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Gene 06/03/2010 19:08

till a nightmare!!!! when I was reading, I imagined you had gone in the past... and then here are the ghosts... oh my dear!!! have a good night!