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The first words that shook me were the name of a flower in English.
Now English is not my first language, you have understood it. But my mum was an English teacher and one beautiful spring morning when I was maybe 4 or 5 years old, I pointed a blue flower in the garden to her, and I asked her what was its name in English. I wonder why that interested me that much at that age.
She answered, and what I understood at that age was "foget mee naat". For years I was sure that that was the correct name for that delicate blue and violet flower, until I got it: "forget me not".
And then I understood the meaning and found it even more delicate. That might have been when mly love for English started.

OK this is a short all-english one. More tomorrow!!

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Gene 22/01/2010 10:42

short and all in English, but very pleasant!

miss link 22/01/2010 23:44

Thanks Gene! Nice to see you're back!!