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Today was the first day of the comic festival in Angoulême.
People walking and strolling under the penetrating drizzle, going from one bubble to the next, smiling, chatting, watching.
There is something in the atmosphere of the city that changes with the first moments of the festival.
It becomes more festive or something.
The population of the city double or triples for a few days, where it is impossible to find a parking space at all.
Yet local people continue to do their shopping, dragging bags of groceries amongst the curious passerbys who seem to wonder at the possibility of daily life to go on in this artificial space.

Premier jour du festival de BD à Angoulême.
Plein de monde, pas trop de temps en ligne, peu de temps d'écriture malgré des possibilités, mais ce sera mieux demain!!!
En attendant, merci à ceux qui me suivent, et à demain!

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Gene 29/01/2010 19:03

artificial space, yes of course! but it's a good thing that so many artists get near the public who loves this sort of books; it's a feast to meet writers or illustrators, and speak with them!see
you soon! have a good WE