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Today I commit to myself to explore the writer in me as consistently and thoroughly as possible. I commit to writing on this blog every day, as long as I have an internet connection available. I commit to make a writing practice out of this. I commit to writing in English and in French, both to stay in touch with both communities, but also to keep my writing skills up in both languages.



Aujourd'hui je m'engage auprès de moi-même d'explorer l'écrivain à l'intérieur de moi de façon aussi consistante et profonde que possible. Je m'engage à écrire sur ce blog tous les jours, tant que j'ai une connexion internet disponible. Je m'engage à utiliser cet endroit comme pratique d'écriture. Je m'engage à écrire en français et en anglais, à la fois pour rester en contact avec les deux communautés, et pour travailler mes compétences en écriture dans les deux langues.

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Albert Ketelaars 06/08/2009 19:04

I hope Armelle that I as an outsider will be able to connect with your inner story teller. I think that ability to connect is very important to keep on understanding one another. I will try and let you know how I feel about it.
Good luck, Albert

miss link 06/08/2009 22:15

Yes Albert! Let me know what you think!!

Albert Ketelaars 05/08/2009 21:54

Armelle, congratulations with your decision to write every day. I hope you can keep this up.
I have realised with mine how hard it is to say something emaningful every day.
I will pay attention, Albert

miss link 06/08/2009 14:21

Hey Albert. Thank you so much for your comment. I will do my best to keep my promise. It will depend on internet connection though, so depending on where I am, I might not post absolutely every
The advantage with writing practice is that I can write stories, don't have to say meaningful things as much. I just let my inner story teller free!